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Uncomplicating Legal English, in partnership with the US company US Law Essentials, launches a series of live webinars on US law.


The course is composed of six live webinars, with time for questions, answers and discussions between speakers and students. In addition, at the end of each webinar, student will be able to test their knowledge through an online quiz.


The entire course will be taught in English, so at least the intermediate level of the language is recommended so that students can follow the lessons.

Legal English has become fundamental for professionals who wish to communicate in legal contexts, such as lawyers, judges, prosecutors, translators and interpreters. Legal English has as its main challenge the understanding of the technical terms and their correspondence between the common law of the United States and the civil law tradition of Brazil.

This complexity in the differences between the legal systems of the two countries and in their languages, ​​makes the study of Legal English a challenging task for law and translation professionals, but it offers a promising career horizon for specialists in this field. 

The Speakers

Susan Petza

Susan Petza is a Brazilian-born attorney who grew up in New York. She is trilingual in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Susan earned her L.LM. from Fordham University School of Law in 2018.


In addition to her legal work she is an experienced mediator who during her legal career resolved over 2,000 mediation and arbitration cases. For a number of years Susan also operated her own ESL schools in Brazil.

Daniel Edelson

Daniel Edelson is an Adjunct Professor of Law at St. John’s Law School and an attorney admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey. For several years he was associated with two international law firms in New York City where he practiced business litigation.

From 2012 to 2014 Daniel lived in Seoul, South Korea where he taught U.S. law. In addition to having his own law practice, Daniel tutors first year law students, L.LM. students, and bar candidates. He is also the creator of numerous short, animated video explanations of legal topics on his website USLawEssentials.com.

Prior to becoming an attorney Daniel lived in Japan where, among other things, he taught English as a Second Language.

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An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers

This course will enable you to better understand fundamental concepts of US law and associated legal English vocabulary. The course includes six video lectures with time for questions and answers and discussion. In addition, after watching each video you will be able to test your knowledge with an online quiz. You will be able to buy the e-book "An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers" for only R$ 1,99 and get an English-Portuguese glossary of the technical terms for free.

Introduction to US Government and Legal System

May 30, 


Federalism in the United States
Exclusive and shared powers
Organization of federal and state governments
US court systems

Sources of Law in the United States

June 13th,


The Constitution
Federal and state statutes
Understanding case law

Introduction to Civil Procedure and Civil Litigation

July 25, 


Jurisdiction: subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction
Pleading standards

Civil Procedure II

August 29, 


Summary judgment

Introduction to US legal writing

Contract Law

September 26th, 


Contract formation
Affirmative defenses
Introduction to reading US contracts

Tort Law

October 24,


Intentional torts


Strict liability torts

Alternative liability

Affirmative defenses


The entire course will be on-line, live, a format that allows real-time interaction between students and teachers. Therefore, after the content is explained, there is room for questions, answers and debates in class.

More than just solving questions that will arise along the way, such interaction is important, so that the exchange of ideas enriches the class even more, and makes the sharing of experiences help in the development of all the participants.

How important is this course in my career?

If you are a legal professional or a legal translator, it is essential that you learn the many differences that exist between Brazilian and American law. More than that, it is imperative that you know how to correctly translate the terms from one language to another.

What happens if I miss a class?

What if I cannot attend the live sessions?

If any problems prevent you from attending a class, do not worry! We will send you the webinar recording, so you do not miss any content that is included in the course package "An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers".

Can I purchase the course after it starts?

Yes, you can buy the course at any time, even if it is in progress or after its completion. For those who acquire the webinar series in the months in which the webinars take place, the classes that you missed will be sent to you through an archive of the recording. With regard to future classes, they may be accompanied live.

The package price is the same for students who bought the course early or while it had already started. The difference is that those who participate live from the first class can interact with teachers and other students.

Who should take this course?

The course is mainly aimed at lawyers, judges, prosecutors, translators and interpreters specializing in legal matters, in addition to professionals who wish to communicate in legal contexts.

Do I need any material to participate in the course?

What material will we be using?

What material will we be using?

Professor Daniel is the author of the e-book "An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers" which brings the content that will be taught throughout the course. This material will serve as a basis and it is advised that the student read it before class to improve the absorption of the knowledge that will be taught each day. Those who purchase the live course "An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers" will have the opportunity to buy the e-book with a great discount: from R$ 199.00 for only R$ 1.99.

In the e-book readers will also find the translation of "legalese" into Portuguese. At the end of the e-book, it will also be possible to find an English-Portuguese glossary.

Students are invited to visit the Uncomplicating Legal English website and have access to a large collection of paid and free content from North American law and other areas. There is also content available on our social networks, especially on YouTube.

The Uncomplicating Legal English blog also features publications about US law and legal English. You will learn about many legal proceedings that have taken place in the United States and in Brazil, and that have become famous; the differences that exist in relation to the Law of Brazil and some curiosities of how the legal system of the United States works.


The webinars offered by Uncomplicating Legal English - "An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers" - have been a great opportunity for retraining and continuous learning!

In addition to the very complete material, with several links to other reference sources and explanatory videos, Prof. Daniel Edelson is really nice!

Very clear and patient, he is always ready to answer questions without losing the thread.

I highly recommend it!

Fernanda Mathias


Hello, Daniel.


Last class was great! I do appreciate your kindness with us, non-native speakers of English, and I can follow you just fine.

I would like to comment on the quizzes you have created for Chapter 4. Much more interesting for acquiring the subject, since they are shorter and pop up more often. 

Again, thank you deeply for teaching me. I am not a lawyer, however, I am working hard to be a better legal translator. 


Adriana Meinberg

Sworn Translator



price: r$ 199,00

third class

AUG. 29th


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6 x R$ 149.90.

After purchasing the course, you will receive your promotional code to purchase the e-book for R $ 1.99, instead of R $ 199.00.


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