Translators and Interpreters


Our teachers are fully-qualified in law and translation studies.

Legal English is becoming an essential field of study for professionals that seek to communicate effectively in judicial spheres in law, not just in Brazil, but in different countries.  The major challenge in this area is finding technical terms that make sense in a Brazilian law context, which is fundamentally based on the civil law tradition.  By way of contrast, in the majority of countries which has English as its official language, their adopted judicial system is that of the common law.  As the two systems are complex and different to each other, both in relation to their overarching concepts and their terminology, the task of translating and interpreting texts has become a challenging endeavor for professionals that have dedicated themselves to this area.

Uncomplicating Legal English offers legal English courses with weekly on-line classes that are live, for classes made up of up to four students, doubles and also classes for individuals.  In them, in addition to learning the theory and overarching concepts, students translate into and from their chosen languages in all of their classes in order to put into practice their acquired knowledge. The idea is to study legal English and get a better and more rounded knowledge of the main differences in relation to general English. You will also obtain an in-depth understanding of the judicial systems in the common law countries and in Brazil, becoming more aware of their characteristics, the main procedural legal documents used in the United States of America and a lot more, so that you can always choose the correct terminology in English and Portuguese. 

The basic, legal English course and terminology lasts for one year, however students can opt to progressive further, using more advanced material. In total, it is possible to study legal English through completing 10 course modules, which will encompass a vast array of related material in law in the English language and its complex processes and lexicon.

Target-audience: Translators, Public Sworn Translators, Court Interpreters


Investment: fixed monthly cost for students, with a class lasting for one hour, on a weekly basis:
Groups (up to 4 students) - R$320.00
Doubles - R$420.00
Individuals - R$640.00