Legal translations Portuguese-Fench


All of our translators have a degree in law.

Procedures in different companies are progressively becoming multicultural due to globalization.  Agreements and international contracts are evermore common place making it necessary to hire a translator.

Even though it is not exactly necessary to have a specific qualification to translate documents, as just knowledge of another language aids in the production of texts, is it obvious that anyone can translate correctly, right?

Wrong! When dealing with legal French, not giving this translation task to a qualified and registered professional can result in major problems.  Many of the terms used in French for these types of translation are not part of our day to day vocabulary and many don't even have a direct equivalent in Portuguese. 

For this reason, there is a major risk that the translation will contain mistakes, however small they may be. For example, one simple word might completely alter the meaning of the original text.  When this involves delicate legal issues, it is not good enough that a person has some knowledge of the languages in question. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the issues involved.

This being the case, legal translation is very important and here at Uncomplicating Legal English, we take our work very seriously. We only work with seasoned, qualified translators who have a degree in law and translation studies, as well as having practical experience. 

In addition to this, we work exclusively with legal texts and we do not work in other areas. This always guarantees a superiorly high-quality end product and a constant quest for preeminence, always being in tune with industry developments in order to meet the demands of the market. 

We translate: e-mails, minutes, memorandums, contracts, procedural documents and other material of a legal nature.  In all the work that we do, no effort is spared to ensure that a translation is completely faithful to the original text.  After all, a bad translation may prove detrimental for a person or a company as a whole.