On-line Lectures

The legal English courses are much more than mere classes given on the internet or in person. We always have new material or different ways to return back to the same topic, so that you can learn just that little bit more.

It is for this reason we can offer you a series of on-line lectures with specialists that make Uncomplicating Legal English a well-renowned company in the market. They cover a whole gamut of different topics and give a panoramic view of what is yet to come on your journey.

The major advantage of these on-line lectures, which have been made available for you, is that they can be watched many times over at any time and in any location that you may be at.  Each class lasts, on average, 50 minutes, and each student will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

The lectures are given by different professionals from the vast area of law, translation and interpreting industries.   In order to encourage you to acquire this additional wealth of content during your course, Uncomplicating Legal English has a promotional price for all of its six lectures, which are available on our site.

Below, click on the lectures to get a better idea of their content and to see the topics to be explored in the video. You will also see who is the target-audience, who the lecturers are and you ́ll be able to watch a preview video to understand the importance of learning legal English and of acquiring these modules in your training.