1st Presence-Based Symposium on Comparative Law,
Translation and Interpreting


DIRECTI is a presence-based symposium on comparative law, translation and interpreting.

The idea came about through having observed the world of legal translation through the eyes of legal specialists.   The aim of the event is to bring together translators, interpreters and professionals in the area of law, in order to show that the abilities which each profession has, can contribute to each other.  The teaching of legal English and the practice of legal translation, cuts through the teaching of comparative law, being a source of concepts which will be applied to terminology.

Theme: Let´s learn about the law
DATE: 01/09/2018
LOCAL: Alameda Santos, 1293, 2º andar. São Paulo, SP 
TIME: 8h30- 18h30

DIRECTI was also broadcasted live on the internet.


Legal professionals, translators, interpreters and students studying translation, interpreting, law, international relations and related fields.


Gio Lester

Court interpreter in the USA. She has lived there for more than 30 years. 

William Meissner

An American lawyer who has been working in Brazil for more than 30 years. He is a partner at the law firm Pinheiro Guimarães.

Inglês Jurídico Descmplicando - Maria Inês Castro

Maria Inês Castro

Lawyer, English Teacher, Legal English teacher at Alumni, Legal Translator. 

Bruna Marchi

Lawyer, Partner/Founder of Uncomplicating Legal English, Legal English Teacher. 

Ulisses Carvalho

Conference Interpreter, Founder of Tecla SAP. 

Inglês Jurídico Descmplicando - Mariana Gorenstein:

Mariana Gorenstein

Lawyer, English Legal Teacher, Legal Translator. 

Luciana Ginezi

Court Interpreter; Professor at UNINOVE university.

Raquel Schaitza

Public Sworn Translator and Conference Interpreter. 

Richard Laver

Conference Interpreter and Lawyer. 


Rafael Garcia

Bachelor in law and court interpreter.

Barbara Iseppi

Federal udge


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