The 2nd Symposium on Comparative Law,

Translation and Interpreting

On-line and in-class modules streamed live through the internet.

Total hours: 12.

ATA members get 10 credits.

What is DIRECTI?

DIRECTI is more than just a symposium on translation and interpreting in the field of law. This is an event that seeks to change the way how you, as a translator/interpreter, take on your work. It will allow you to: deepen your knowledge in this area, answer your queries in relation to this highly specialized market and it will provide you with a way of developing your career.  

The idea of putting on this type of event came about due to the need to have a symposium on translation that is exclusively geared towards the area of law.  

A ground-breaking objective

DIRECTI objective is to promote the coming together of a wide spectrum of legal practitioners with translators and interpreters, so that these different professionals can work with each other in pursuit of excellence in the field of legal translations. 

Through lectures and in-house workshops, DIRECTI seeks to encourage professionals in different areas to meet up with a view to ensuring that every delegate leaves the event with a solid understanding of comparative law, legal English and legal translation and interpreting.    

Who should participate?

DIRECTI is an event geared towards translators and interpreters specializing in law, who are looking to further their careers. It is for those who want to enter this most interesting of universes. The event will put forward the main points to be reviewed during the legal translation session, as well as touching on aspects that go beyond the session itself, such as having a knowledge of legal Portuguese. 

DIRECTI will prove to be very useful and beneficial for lawyers; principally those that work or have an interest in working in the field of international law and who seek greater knowledge on issues pertaining to legal translation in different languages. These professionals are also greatly welcomed at this event. 

In summary, all professionals seeking to further their careers in relation to translation and interpreting in the legal field, are invited. Is this your objective as well? Well, why not book now?

How does it work?

The event will take place in two parts. The first is completely on-line and will occur at the beginning of September. It will include 50-minute-lectures that are streamed live.  Each one will be about a different topic. At the end of the 50 minutes, people watching the live streaming will have the opportunity to ask questions, which will last for 10 minutes and will include responses. 

The second part involves the presence of the participants going to the city of Sao Paulo, on 21st September, where workshops will be held, lasting for one hour and thirty minutes. These “hands-on” workshops are a practical complement to the theoretical on-line lectures and they will be streamed live to all those who want to watch these sessions. 


Learn a little bit about the presenters that will be at DIRECTI 2019.

Gustavo Walter Spandau

Elements of a legal system in Spanish based on a comparison between the make up of and the case law from the Federal Supreme Court in Brazil and the Supreme Court of Justice in Argentina (lecture on-line).

He is a lawyer who received his legal qualification from the University of Buenos Aires and he holds a Master's degree in Hispanic-American Literature from USP (the University of Sao Paulo). Gustavo Walter Spandau will give a lecture where he will compare the Brazilian legal system with the legal system in Argentina, in addition to explaining the main elements of legal translation from Portuguese into Spanish.  

Bruna Marchi

Unraveling the mysteries of legal Portuguese (on-line lecture and in-class workshop).

A founding partner of the company Uncomplicating Legal English, Bruna Marchi will give a lecture on the importance of interpreting in legal Portuguese in order that a translation can be done into any other language. This talk is aimed at translators that work from Portuguese into any other language. Bruna will show how interpreting certain terms in Portuguese is still crucial so that a translation is done well. 

Ricardo Souza

The use of artificial intelligence in legal translation (on-line lecture and in-house workshop.)

The president of ABRATES, Ricardo Souza will tackle an issue that is extremely pertinent and necessary in modern times in relation to legal translations, namely artificial intelligence.  The discussion will be around the use of software and hardware in the art of legal translation with the use of every-day examples.

Gisela Christiano

Fernanda Vitarelli

Corporate Law Terminology (On-line Lecture and in-class workshop.)

Danilo Nogueira will give a lecture on the important topic of corporate law and all of the issues around legal translations of cases from Portuguese into English and vice-versa. At the end of the lecture, the participants will be in a position to avoid making common linguistic mistakes and they will be able to understand complicated terms in order to carry out translations to a high standard.

Carla Saboia

The translation of contracts drafted in accordance with the common law legal system: some problems and possible solutions (On-line lecture and in-class workshop.)

The translation of contracts is one of the areas that most attracts and produces work in the area of legal translation. The lawyer, Carla Saboia, will give a lecture on the main issues to be explored when dealing with the translation of common law contracts in addition to providing example situations and touching on civil law concepts. She will also cover techniques in drafting contracts.

Celia Kfouri

Working as an interpreter in international operations combating corruption (On-line lecture).

A lawyer, translator, interpreter, a member of AIIC, APIC and ATA, Celia Kfouri works in a professional capacity in Brazil and the US. She completes the team of lecturers for DIRECTI 2019. She will give a lecture on a topic which couldn´t be more relevant and significant than it is at present, namely the work of interpreters in international operations to combat corruption.  The aim is to explore the important and wide-reaching activities undertaken in this area with the view to preparing participants for this type of work.

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Why is DIRECTI important?

DIRECTI is an important event for all those that wish to start a new phase in their career. Those who will greatly benefit from this event range from translators and interpreters who have an interest in entering the world of legal translations, to lawyers who need to get up to speed with the latest legal terms used in other languages. 

The diverse range of the issues to be tackled in a universe that is quite complex as this one, makes DIRECTI a must for all interested parties as it is a unique and unmissable event. That is why you should register now and guarantee your place.  Transform your career and give yourself a new direction in your professional life!

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Early bird (June 6th to June 21st)

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First batch (June 22nd to September 20th)

Face to face: R$ 390,00

Live streamed: R$ 290,00

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