Mentoring for lawyers who draft contracts in English.


Learn to draft contractual clauses in English with qualified lawyers trained in translation.

Legal English is becoming an essential field of study for professionals that seek to communicate effectively in judicial spheres in law, not just in Brazil, but in different countries.


On a progressive basis, legal professionals are being exposed to, for example, international issues, such as business mergers, litigation and contracts, in situations where everything takes place and is resolved in a foreign language other than Portuguese, normally English.

For this reason, it is necessary to learn to draft contractual clauses in English.  At Uncomplicating Legal English your learning is facilitated by qualified lawyers in trained in translation, who have experience in these areas and who are aware of the tendencies and necessities that the market demands of professionals working in law.

The legal English course, given on-line to lawyers, teaches students the basic concepts around contract clauses, as well as how to draft them and to interpret translation and terminology.

Students will learn the following:
●    The different elements in a contract in English.
●    Notions of contractual law in the common law system and the civil law system.

●    Corresponding terms and contractual clauses.

●    Amongst other topics.

In addition to this, you will draft contractual clauses in English and personalized feedback will be given to you by your teacher.


The aim of the course is to study the legal English you are more likely to encounter in real life situations, where it will be necessary to read, write and interpret text fluently in a foreign language, as if it were your native language.

The classes are held on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis or are based around the needs of the student and their availability.

The purpose of legal English on-line is to have individual classes on the Zoom platform.

Target-audience: Lawyers

Investment: fixed and monthly, with classes lasting for one hour.

Weekly classes: R$ 640,00
Fortnightly classes: R$440,00
Monthly classes: R$330,00