Lawyers, judges and prosecutors


Our teachers are fully-qualified in law and translation studies.


All classes are recorded. We'll send you the recording, in case you miss a class.

Legal English is becoming an essential field of study for professionals that seek to communicate effectively in judicial spheres in law, not just in Brazil, but in different countries.  The major challenge in this area is finding technical terms that make sense in a Brazilian law context, which is fundamentally based on the civil law tradition.  By way of contrast, in the majority of countries which has English as its official language, their adopted judicial system is that of the common law.  

As the two systems are complex and different to each other, both in relation to their overarching concepts and their terminology, the task of translating and interpreting texts has become a challenging endeavor for professionals that have dedicated themselves to this area.

Uncomplicating Legal English offers weekly, on-line, live legal English classes, in groups (up to 4 people), doubles and also for individual students. In addition to practicing legal English, students are placed in practical situations to evaluate their performance in real situations, such as negotiations, customer interviews, and writing in English.


You will study legal English, with classes in English, using the Cambridge book "International Legal English", which brings globalized technical English. Students will be able to communicate in English with lawyers from anywhere in the world. The basic level of legal English lasts twelve months, but students may choose to continue with more advanced subjects.

Target-audience: Lawyers, judges and prosecutors.


Investment: fixed monthly cost for students, with a class lasting for one hour, on a weekly basis:

Groups (up to 4 students) - R$320.00

Doubles - R$420.00

Individuals - R$640.00